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Louis Delsarte

1944 - 2020

Delsarte was featured in the February, 2019 Time Magazine The Art of Optimism issue guest-edited by Ava DuVernay, which focused on leaders and artists of color who are shaping the field. According to Delsarte “Growing up in Brooklyn in the ’50s, I drew constantly. Everywhere I went, I had a sketchbook with me, sketching people on buses, trains, subways.” Louis Delsarte is a painter known for his large-scale works and murals celebrating black history and culture in America. Delsarte cites Harlem Renaissance figures like Duke Ellington and Langston Hughes as significant influences on his work. “I try to work toward peace, to say that art is the meaning of love, that living on earth is a spiritual quest,” he says. “I try to elevate the spirit of man and the spirit of humanity.”

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