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Native of New Orleans – Went to HBCU’s. of higher learning. He has not decided on what kind of medical practice but is considering becoming a Dermatologist.
1st year medical student/HPSP scholarship through US Navy. This scholarship allowed him the ability to purchase his 1st significant piece of art.

Collection: first piece gifted to parents by FRANCISCO MORA (husband of ELIZABETH CATLETT)
GOALS: Wants to acquire an art collection of black art that will tell MY history and truly believes that only art belong on walls. He hopes that in 50 years his grandkids will understand the importance of his collection and enjoy it as he has begun to.

- Came to SJG as a child through church trips and weekend trips with parents who instilled in him the importance of knowing & telling OUR history. We should know it and tell it. He has carried this into his adult life when he realized his parents have an art collection that fills their walls with beautiful strong black women/figures and he grew up surrounded by these works. It’s an important investment into our history and culture and something that he can leave his future family when he’s gone.
- Parents poured countless hours of sacrifice/time/money into his future (educationally, socially, and spiritually) & thought a gift that would be sustained for countless years would be befitting for such parents. F Mora was the only gift which they deserved.
- Wanted something that would stand out and reflected his very large personality.

- He considered a Groupon vacation to Fiji, as well as lots of other possible gifts, but believed that art was a vacation, of sorts. It is something they can see and enjoy every day and when they see it they will realize how much he loves and appreciates them. When they see the art everyday they can not only enjoy it but know that all their sacrifices don’t go unnoticed. Although he can never truly pay them back he felt that it had to be art which is something they both enjoy and hadn’t acquired a new piece in a while. It was a great way to add to the now family collection and become something the entire family can now enjoy.
- He wanted to buy a significant piece of art for his parents as a gift, who he feels have invested so much in him and knowing how much collecting art means to each of them.
- There is no other place that he knows where you can have a lasting relationship through generations. She knows known my Mom, me and will know my family when I start one after I graduate. It had to be SJG. If it wasn’t I would be committing an act of infidelity. It could be no other place. The gallery and family have had a lasting relationship for a generation. It felt like a continuation of a legacy where his parents began collecting. His mom used to peek in the windows of SJG when she was in nursing school and Dr. Jones encouraged her to come inside and look around and to see how possible it was to begin collecting. His Mom resisted saying no she couldn’t afford it, she had to go to Nursing School, she had to do this or that, they had a child on the way and Dr. Jones would say “Come on in” and began working with both his parents to begin her collection. He knew that he wouldn’t be disappointed with SJG.
- The FRANCISCO MORA stood out as ‘the one” because it reminded him of himself and also his parents relationship. It reflected his large personality (always trying to make someone laugh) with its expressive bold use of color and the theme of a couple reminded him of his parent’s relationship with each other of easy banter with one another. I looked and looked and looked for something special and does not regret decision one bit.
After working out a plan of payment and paying it off early, Dr. Nic took it home and hung it on the wall of his parents’ home. After a series of small setbacks, he was able to get each of them separately to notice the new painting now hanging on the wall. Upon realizing what she was being presented, his mother’s eyes filled with tears and she couldn’t believe it, saying “you shouldn’t have” “why did you do this” “you didn’t have to do this for us” and later Dad was overcome with shock (and I expect pride.) It was that moment, - after all the nervousness of making his first real purchase of art, paying on it faithfully in installments and then wondering what they would think – it was then that he realized that it was the perfect gift, something that they could enjoy and see every day, knowing how much their sacrifices meant to him and continue to mean to him that he is able to pursue his dream of going to medical school. His mother instantly recognized the painter as Elizabeth Catlett’s late husband and was so happy and excited. It turned into a truly great moment for them to experience together as mother and son. Later his Dad was overcome with shock and it’s become a great story for him to share with others to relate what great parents he has and how lucky he and his brother are to pursue whatever dreams they have.
- He hopes to build a family collection that he can leave for future generations of Alexanders.
- He has a lasting memory of Rosa Parks at SJG. Time Picayune wrote a front-page story with a corresponding pic of Parks featuring a very young boy – Dr. Nic – in the background. It made a lasting impression on him.


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