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Tues.-Sat.: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Sun. By Appointment Only

Mississippi new-comer, LEONARD MAIDEN paints charming portraits and vignettes that harken to a sweeter and gentler time.
"Cotton Picker" 22x 28
"Field Boy" 24x 30

"Mississippi Girl" 22x 28

"School Boys" 20x 24

"Five Gentlemen" 24x 30
"Muskadine Boys" 24x 24

"The Ditch Digger" 24x 24

"Louisiana Boy" 20x 12

"Back In Town", 36"x 30"

"Catherine From Adelaide Series" 36"x 30"

"Danny", 22"x 28"

"Dream Big", 24"x 30"

"Home Grown", 20"x 24"

"Photo-Op", 24"x 23"

"Saturday Nite Live", 20"x 24"

"Sisters", 20"x 24"

"Walking to New Orleans", 36"x 36"





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