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ED CLARK’s work can also be seen during PROSPECT.3 international contemporary art biennial, at the NEW ORLEANS MUSEUM OF ART. Abstract painter, CLARK was born in New Orleans in 1926 and developed the innovative techniques of working with dry pigments, painting on shaped canvas, as well as working with a push broom technique that allowed him to sweep large quantities of pigment across his canvas, also known as the “push broom technique.”
"Untitled" 38.5x 28, Acrylic on Canvas
"Untitled" 36.5x 26, Acrylic on Canvas

"Untitled" 36x 26, Acrylic on Canvas

"Untitled" 40x 32, Acrylic on Canvas

"Untitled" 35x 33, Acrylic on Canvas
"Untitled" 73.5x 55, Acrylic on Canvas

"Yucatan Beige" 43x 56.5, Acrylic on Canvas

"Untitled" 63.5x 81, Acrylic on Canvas





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