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Lynn Marshall Linnemeier

The work of Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier powerfully exemplifies Paul Klee's provocative commentary on the artistic process: "Art does not reproduce what is visible. Instead, it makes visible." A self-described visual mythologist, Marshall-Linnemeier mines the visual and tactile bric-a-brac left behind in the wake of our nation's fraught racial history, to make visible the dreams, fantasies and nightmares that still haunt our collective imagination. She does this, in part, by tapping into and refashioning the diverse spiritual and performance traditions of the Afro-Atlantic world, ranging from West African masquerades to ancient modes of divination. Her richly textured multimedia installations recall the ritual practice of the spiritual healer, who breaks down the surface coordinates of experience in order to give the initiate a glimpse of enduring mystery, propelling the afflicted into a new comprehension of that which afflicts the afflicted, even if that comprehension escapes the bounds of conventional language and understanding. Each element in the diviner's toolkit, be it a mirror, an assemblage of bones, a carved ritual figurine, helps us to see, amidst unexpected plays of light and shadow, what we sense to have always known, yet which still hovers beyond our power to articulate. Taken together, these elements open ephemeral fissures in time, momentary ruptures between here and then, between the visible and the invisible between the living and the dead. These revelations are never complete, for each act of "making visible" initiates the follower into deeper mysteries. The diviner, who traffics in the great secrets of the world in a manner that is largely incomprehensible to others, must be seen to reveal, without revealing all that she sees.

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